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    Joker Month

    DC Comics June 2015 Variant Covers- JOKER!

    batman41.6.10.15Hey Gang, June 2015 is a big month for DC Comics, and with it comes a variant cover theme celebrating one of its very biggest villains — the Joker.
    If your interested in ordering a specific “Joker” cover for DC June 2015 Joker Variant Cover Month please use the from below. Print it out and drop it off at your local collected to get the books ordered for you.


    Here’s a look at all of the Joker variants planned for June:

    “Action Comics” #41 by Darwin Cooke
    Aquaman” #41 by Walter Simonson and Laura Martin

    “Batgirl” #41 by Rafael Albuquerque

    “Batman” #41 by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth
”Batman/Superman” #21 by Jock
    “Catwoman” #41 by Javier Pulido

    “Deathstroke” #7 by Lee Weeks and R&T Horie
”Detective Comics” #41 by Patrick Gleason and John Kalisz

    “Gotham Academy” #7 by Craig Rousseau

    “Gotham By Midnight” by John Van Fleet
    Grayson” #9 by Dave Johnson
”Green Arrow” #41 by Bill Sienkiewicz
”Green Lantern” #41 by Ben Oliver
”Harley Quinn” #17 by Eduardo Risso

    “Justice League” #41 by David Finch & Jonathan Glapion and Brad Anderson

    “Justice League of America” #1 by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi
”Lobo” #7 by Neil Edwards & Jay Leisten and Jeromy Cox
”New Suicide Squad” #9 by Jim Lee and Alex Sinclair
”Secret Six” #3 by Dan Jurgens & Danny Miki and Alex Sinclair

    “Sinestro” #12 by Joshua Middleton
”Superman” #41 by Karl Kerschl

    “Superman/Wonder Woman” #18 by Cliff Chiang

    “Teen Titans” #9 by Scott McDaniel and R&T Horie

    “The Flash” #41 by Eddy Barrows and Marcelo Maiol
    “Wonder Woman” #41 by Brian Bolland