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    Iron man


    SW STARTHey Gang, we are proud to present to you the most up to date checklist for Marvel’s MEGA SUMMER EVENT, ‘SECRET WARS’. The Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe will combine in the inciting incident of “Secret Wars,” in an “incursion” as described in Hickman’s “Avengers” and “New Avengers” run. The end result is Battleworld, which has been previously partly revealed by a series of teaser images drawing off of past Marvel history — and it’s not just those two prominent universes that will be colliding.

    The Ultimate Universe, the Marvel Universe, they’re going to slap together. Imagine two pizzas: They’re going to combine toppings, some toppings are going to drop off. And that is the Marvel Universe moving forward. It’s more than the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe, it’s all the universes you can imagine. That is the Marvel Universe going forward.”

    Once you hit ‘Secret Wars’ #1, there’s no Marvel Universe, there’s no Ultimate Universe. “It’s all Battleworld. None of these stories are What Ifs are alternate reality stories, and they will have legs. They will impart new things into the NEW Marvel Universe going forward.

    To ensure that you get EVERY new SECRET WARS titles that you want print out the CHECKLIST below, fill it out, and drop it off at your local Collected Comics & Games and have these titles held for you!


    battle world