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    Miles Morales will be the Marvel Universe’s main Spider-Man!

    miles-moralesComic book geeks’ spider senses are tingling. After battling evil-doers in an alternate comic book line, a popular biracial version of Spider-Man is getting a promotion to the official Marvel Comics universe. The first issue of the relaunched “Spider-Man” hits comic stores, tablets and smartphones this fall with more fanfare than a typical new series, because the hero under the mask is Miles Morales, the teen son of an African-American father and Puerto Rican mother. Read more [...]

    Marvel Comics to ‘Reinvent’ DOCTOR STRANGE

    doctor-strange-01Marvel has announced via Entertainment Weekly another new series entering "All-New All-Different Marvel": Doctor Strange by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo. EW describes the upcoming series as a "reinvention" of the Sorcerer Supreme, and one that will explore him "deeper" than previous stories Read more [...]

    DC Comics June 2015 Variant Covers- JOKER!

    batman41.6.10.15Hey Gang, June 2015 is a big month for DC Comics, and with it comes a variant cover theme celebrating one of its very biggest villains -- the Joker. If your interested in ordering a specific "Joker" cover for DC FEB 2015 Joker Variant Cover Month please use the from below. Print it out and drop it off at your local collected to get the books ordered for you. Read more [...]

    BLAKE’S BACK ISSUE BIN – Suicide Squad

    Suicide-Squad-Comic-Logo-MovieWelcome to Task Force Collected, recruit... now pay attention! We have intelligence that indicates the upcoming Suicide Squad movie could be the breakout sleeper hit of DC’s upcoming wave of new films. It has mega starpower in Will Smith and Jared Leto, fan-favorite character Harley Quinn’s big-screen debut, and a wealth of great comic stories to mine for material. Are you skeptical that a non ”A-list” title that lacks mainstream name recognition and relies on an ensemble cast of fairly obscure characters can compete with the comic book box office big boys? Tell it to Guardians of the Galaxy, pal. Read more [...]


    SW STARTHey Gang, we are proud to present to you the most up to date checklist for Marvel's MEGA SUMMER EVENT, ‘SECRET WARS’. The Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe will combine in the inciting incident of "Secret Wars," in an "incursion" as described in Hickman's "Avengers" and "New Avengers" run. The end result is Battleworld, which has been previously partly revealed by a series of teaser images drawing off of past Marvel history -- and it's not just those two prominent universes that will be colliding. Read more [...]

    DC Comics MARCH 2015 Variant Covers – Movie Posters

    BM_Cv40_movieposter_VAR_580_548b4d9159bbe1.77521981Lights, camera…COVERS! Inspired by classic Warner Bros. movie posters, DC Comics’ newest batch of variant covers are fun, imaginative…and NOT coming to a theater near you. But you’ll wish they were. Whether it’s Supergirl realizing that she’s not on Krypton anymore, Aquaman fighting to Free Willy, Batgirl ready to lead the Revolution (just think about it for a moment) or the Justice League…well, it’s best to just see that one for yourself. Read more [...]

    Five Ghosts in development for series at Syfy

    Syfy has announced the pulpy adventure comic FIVE GHOSTS by Image Comics is in development as a TV series to be produced by Universal Cable Productions, Black Mask Studios, and BenderSpink. The pilot is being written by Evan Daugherty (Snow White And The Huntsman, Divergent, TMNT) based on the critically acclaimed comic series by Frank J. Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham Read more [...]
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