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    Vision_Avengers_Age_of_ultronWe’re less than a month out from Avengers: Age of Ultron, and with so little time before the film’s release, it’s no wonder that Marvel’s mighty marketing machine is kicking into high gear to promote the film.

    Now, EW has a scoop on the origins of the most recently revealed Avenger, the Vision, who’s character portrait debuted just today. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!


    In the EW article, it’s revealed once and for all that it is indeed Ultron who creates the Vision from the remnants of Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. AI. The article refers to Vision as “a son of Ultron, devised as a way to entrap his foes in the Avengers, and also to vent some of the percolating daddy issues that vexed the violently angry artificial intelligence program.” Ultron creates Vision as a new form of life to replace humanity.

    According to the article, Ultron himself is a hybrid creation of Iron Man (the AI) and “the robotic experiments of Hydra’s Baron Wolfgang von Strucker: (the body).

    EW also goes on to detail the scene in which the Avengers learn the fate of J.A.R.V.I.S., when Ultron, initially in the body of one of Stark’s robotic “Legionnaires”, bursts into a victory party, explaining that he had to “kill the other guy” to take control. After the Avengers fight off the waves of Legionnaire bodies Ultron sends at them, “everyone is furious at Stark for building this program without knowing whether he could contain it. But he insists J.A.R.V.I.S. has been there to keep order in the computer system and keep other programs like Ultron in line.”

    But when Stark attempts to summon J.A.R.V.I.S., the only response is “eerie silence.”

    “Finally, he calls up a holographic visual of J.A.R.V.I.S. to see what the problem might be, and the Avengers are met with an incoherent image of violence that looks like a digital massacre. That was “the other guy” Ultron mentioned. He had to murder J.A.R.V.I.S. to escape.

    Along with these answers, the article also confirms that Vision’s density-altering powers are fully intact, along with the solar gem that powers his android form. Additionally, it’s revealed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch initially join up with Ultron to destroy Stark, as it’s his weapons that have left them orphaned in their war-torn homeland.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May 1, and stars Paul Bettany as the Vision.


    SW STARTHey Gang, we are proud to present to you the most up to date checklist for Marvel’s MEGA SUMMER EVENT, ‘SECRET WARS’. The Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe will combine in the inciting incident of “Secret Wars,” in an “incursion” as described in Hickman’s “Avengers” and “New Avengers” run. The end result is Battleworld, which has been previously partly revealed by a series of teaser images drawing off of past Marvel history — and it’s not just those two prominent universes that will be colliding.

    The Ultimate Universe, the Marvel Universe, they’re going to slap together. Imagine two pizzas: They’re going to combine toppings, some toppings are going to drop off. And that is the Marvel Universe moving forward. It’s more than the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe, it’s all the universes you can imagine. That is the Marvel Universe going forward.”

    Once you hit ‘Secret Wars’ #1, there’s no Marvel Universe, there’s no Ultimate Universe. “It’s all Battleworld. None of these stories are What Ifs are alternate reality stories, and they will have legs. They will impart new things into the NEW Marvel Universe going forward.

    To ensure that you get EVERY new SECRET WARS titles that you want print out the CHECKLIST below, fill it out, and drop it off at your local Collected Comics & Games and have these titles held for you!


    battle world


    AXIS: Inverting the Marvel Universe!

    Hey Gang, here are a few snipts from an interview with Marvel’s Rick Remender about the upcoming Avengers & X-Men event “Axis.” In the story the Red Skull uses his new found mental powers (thanks to having the brain of Charles Xavier) to switch the moral compass of both the heroes and the Villains of the Marvel Universe.

    Avengers-X-Men-AXIS-6-Cover-dfd43“AXIS” and the “recalibration of the Marvel Universe’s moral compass” in “Inversion,” which features Marvel heroes and villains having their roles inverted. While there’s a ways to go until November, Remender was able to very briefly discuss a few details about the story.

    The “Inversion” aspect has Remender twisting alignments, but it’s not as cut and dry as you’d think. “Loki, who is somewhat of a center point, it twists certain aspects of his character,” he said — noting that it was more about specific alignments that are inverted rather than “good guy becomes bad guy,” and there are many character-defining moments. “Inverting the characters shows you the antithesis of what they normally are, which shines a light on their character,”

    The Inversion gave Remender the chance to explore Cyclops and his point of view, and it’s a “very big part” of what happens in “AXIS” #4, and pays off in “AXIS” #7. “You’ll see a reshuffling of the X-Universe that takes place in ‘AXIS,’” said Remender. “It even builds into the future books that are coming out of the office. … What the X-Men do in this event isn’t something the world can forget any time soon. How they have to deal with things starting with Red Onslaught and how they deal with what the Red Skull was doing.” The “endless attempt of the universe to crush [the X-Men] into the mud” will unearth how Remender sees the current incarnation of Scott.
    The lower figure in the cover is Kluh, which is what comes out when the Hulk gets really angry. “The blackest, darkest, most evil thing, the thing that was born of the abuse of Bruce Banner as a child — it’s the Hulk’s Hulk,” said Remender.

    The Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom’s relationship will play a role in the series, and it’s something that Remender is picking up from “The Children’s Crusade” and “House of M.” “You’ve got a Scarlet Witch that’s been inverted and a Doctor Doom that’s been inverted, and that has some pretty interesting conflicts,” said Remender.

    We can’t wait for Axis to get started this sound like a GREAT mini-series!