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    Auction Rules

    Collected Auction Terms and Conditions:

    1. All items are being sold “as is” if you have questions about the condition of an item you must send a private message to the admin and we can reply with the current condition of the item in question.
    2. All auctions must be paid for at the end of the auction using the PayPal payment option. We are sorry but for tracking and fulfillment purposes we cannot leave payment as an “in store” option. A PayPal invoice accompanies each item, so payment is required at time of auctions end. You may choose to pick your items up at your local Collected; please indicate which location (Fort Worth or Keller) in the “notes” on your PayPal payment.
    3. Winning bidder MUST specifie in the Paypal section “Instructions to Merchant” which local Collected location (Fort Worth or Keller) they wish to pick their items up from.
    4. All winning items are processed and made available for pick up by 8:00 PM the day after the auction ends.
    5. Bidders winning auctions by placing “false” bids, or those who abandon auction items (do not pay for them) will be added to our “black list” and not allowed to participate in future auctions. You may request a formal review of your account if you feel this has happened in error.
    6. All auction items left “unclaimed”  at either Collected location for longer than 30 day will become the property of Collected once again and NO refunds will be issued.