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Collected: Your Pop Culture Headquarters
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August 22nd, 6:21 am

Collected: Your Pop Culture Headquarters updated their cover photo. ... Show MoreShow Less

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Candace NicoleLove the new FNM banner!2 months ago

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August 21st, 5:10 pm

Some are confirmed, but this line-up isn't totally official. It does, however, strike the question: what Marvel titles would YOU guys like to see come to movie fruition? ... Show MoreShow Less

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Anthony MorenoNova movie with RR1   ·  12 hours ago

Zach WalkerI don't think anyone could successfully do a black panther movie. I'd love to see the great fictional nation of wakanda and how the they produce vibranium but I don't know if people will take to it. Also to Jacob smith. Thanos is most popular for the infinity gauntlet story. Civil war is about Heroes being forced to register their secret identities and it tears a bunch of teams apart. Most notably the death of captain America I believe.1   ·  14 hours ago

Christopher LutherStill waiting for deadpool2 hours ago

Michael LogerI know Sony owns Spider-Man, and they wouldn't have the balls to do it ,but who would love to see Kraven's Last Hunt on the big screen?7 hours ago

Matthew David DuceyThey have debunked World War Hulk several times, I thought8 hours ago

Tyler DavisIf the GotG sequel was The War of Kings I would LOSE MY FREAKING MIND. Also, with Black Panther and Inhumans coming all I want now is a Midnight Sons movie (even though they'll be no Morbius.) And Candace Nicole, they've got a finished Runaways script. Just saying.12 hours ago

Robert Aranguafor sure luke cage hero for hire13 hours ago

Jeremy NewcomerRight??!?! No infinity gauntlet??13 hours ago

Zach WalkerOh man I just realized the hulk subtitle is world war hulk. Yes please, More cosmic craziness!14 hours ago

Curtis HartHoward the Duck! What?14 hours ago

Jacob SmithIs the 'Civil War' Avengers the one where they're supposed to fight Thanos?15 hours ago

Candace NicoleI know Jamie loves Doctor Strange, so that's a total given haha16 hours ago

Candace NicoleMaybe not-so-much a movie, but I would adore the idea of a Runaways television series. ;~;16 hours ago

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August 21st, 4:00 pm

Snack and drink restock, just in time for our weekly Board-Gaming Get-Together! (Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm!) ... Show MoreShow Less

August 21st, 1:04 pm

Dungeon and Dragon pre-painted miniatures from whiz kids! ... Show MoreShow Less

August 21st, 12:55 pm

In space, no one can hear you scream.... but playing the new deck builder at Collected. .. taunting other players is ok ... Show MoreShow Less

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