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January 25th, 1:43 pm

Apologies for our phone and internet being down earlier! It's up and running again though. :) Come see us today, we're open until 5pm! ... Show MoreShow Less

January 24th, 1:34 pm

A wonderful share about the fabulous #DCBombshells line - and to boot, a sneak peek at the new #Batwoman Bombshell statue! Check it out. ... Show MoreShow Less

The pinup-styled statues that make up our DC Comics Bombshells line are some of the most popular collectibles we've ever produced. But where did the idea fir...

January 23rd, 5:57 pm

Big night for Magic players, folks! With the release of Fate Reforged, we will be running 3 different events:

-A $15 single elimination Win-a-Box (8 person minimum- but if we get 12 people, I'll drop it to $10)
-$12 drafts! They'll fire off as they fill up.
-$5 Commander pods! Last man standing gets 3 packs, 2nd gets 2 packs, 3rd gets 1 pack, and everyone will get a promo for trying!

See you guys tonight at 6:30pm!
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The only #phatcon pic I actually took. Me and my friend Megan, who cosplayed as Silk! Very, very cool! Thank you @phatcollectibles for a great show!
You know your at a good bar when they have part of an ear on display.
Got my first #LootCrate! :D
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