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Collected: Your Pop Culture Headquarters
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April 24th, 2:52 pm

Do not forget that it is Game Night at Colledcted - Fort Worth! Sounds like we will be playing Marvel Avengers vs. X-Men Dice Masters, the new Cryptozoic Street Fighter Deck-Builder and many more games! Come out and try a new game as the action roughly starts at 5PM tonight. ... Show MoreShow Less

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Chris GonzalezAnyone wanna play Munchkin tonight ?1 hour ago

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April 24th, 1:00 pm

This weekend the American Mensa society selected Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension as a 2014 Mensa Select game at their annual Mindgames 2014 event! Come by and pick your copy up today at Collected: Your Pop Culture Headquarters ... Show MoreShow Less

April 24th, 12:13 pm

Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner!!! We have lots of ways you can get ADDITIONAL free comics over the limit... Come in costume and get an additional free comic over your limit If you bring in a donation item (food, blankets, towels, litter, cleaning supplies, like bleach) for the two local shelters/rescue groups is sponsoring (Humane Society of North Texas and Burleson Animal Shelter that coordinates Animeals, Meals on Wheels), you can get an ADDITIONAL free comic book on top of that! If you make a purchase of at least $50.00 on May 3rd you can get an additional 4 free comic books! That is an additional 6 comics total that you can get above the limit! Can't wait to see you on May 3rd!!! ... Show MoreShow Less

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Evan HiltonWill this promotion be at your Hurst location, as well?4 hours ago

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April 24th, 12:00 pm

Hey, #MTG fans, if you haven't signed up already for any of our Journey into Nyx Pre-Releases yet, give us a call TODAY! Make sure you tell us what day you're playing, what color you're interested in playing, and if you're joining us for our Two-Headed Giant event, to give us your partner's name as well! (Those without a partner will be placed on a STAND-BY LIST; those who sign-up with partners are prioritized on the list!) ... Show MoreShow Less

Journey Into Nyx Midnight Pre-Release

April 25, 2014, 11:30pm

Collected: Your Pop Culture Headquarters

Format: Sealed Entry: $25 We're doing 24-hour sign-ups for this event! Call us in advance if you want to guarantee yourself a chair and the color of your choice! (Colors are LIMITED, so if you want your color guaranteed, call us FIRST THING THAT DAY!) I need everyone to BE HERE and PAID IN by 11:30 PM so that we can get everyone seated and ready to go when midnight strikes!